<Closed>FY2016 Program to Support International Publication(5th Term)

The offer for this support has closed.
Revisions have been made to procedures for faculty orders and verification of deliverables. When applying to the program, please refer to the flowchart. "Changes reflecting "Accounting revisions for purchasing of goods, etc." to prevent misuse of research funds"
http://keiyakuw.jim.titech.ac.jp/info/manual/benkyoukaisiryou.html(In Japanese) outer

Since 2013, under the support of the MEXT Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities and in accordance with its mission to strengthen Tokyo Tech research, the Research Administration Center has organized the Program to Support International Publication.
The objective of the program is to increase the number and quality of English-language publications by researchers at Tokyo Tech by providing financial support to cover the costs of preparing and submitting international academic papers.


Employees with the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, adjunct faculty, or researcher, as well as Tokyo Tech-affiliated recipients of the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (excluding DC) and PRESTO (Sakigake) researchers are eligible for support.

Types of Support (Each support type is available once for every paper.)

Support for Manuscript Editing Costs
Support for Manuscript Submission Costs (Charges for peer review, application fees, etc. Does not include publication costs.)
Support for Manuscript Publication Costs (For more information, please refer to the Q&A.)

Note1: In most cases, the amount of funding provided by the program will be equivalent to the actual expenses incurred.
Note2: Regardless of whether or not support is provided under this program, inspection should always be completed promptly after receipt of the deliverable (this excludes costs incurred for manuscript submission). Applications may be denied in cases where the applicant has not completed the inspection process in a timely manner, or payment cannot be made within 40 days of receiving the invoice.

Eligible international academic journals

  • Internationally influential academic journals with an impact factor of 1.0 or higher
  • International conference proceedings with an impact factor of 1.0 or higher on Thomson Reuters Web of Science
  • Impact factor is based on the Journal Citation Reports ( http://isiknowledge.com/jcr outer ) published for the relevant year.

    1.Only the preceding year's impact factor of the journal will be valid when applying for support.
    2.If the journal does not yet have an impact factor, provide reasons explaining why its impact factor is expected to reach 1.0 or higher.

    Eligible papers

    Papers must be of high academic value, written in English, and based on research conducted at Tokyo Tech, with the applicant listed as one of the authors. The table below shows the requirements for each type of support.

    Types of Support
    (1)Support for Manuscript Editing Costs
    The order date must fall on or after April 1, 2016. The edited manuscript must be delivered (and inspected) and its payment completed within FY 2016.
    (2)Support for Manuscript Submission Costs
    The submission date must fall on or after April 1, 2016, and its payment must be completed within FY 2016.
    (3)Support for Manuscript Publication Costs
    The publication order date must fall on or after April 1, 2016. The manuscript must be published (and inspected) and its payment completed within FY 2016.

    1. If payment procedures have been completed at Tokyo Tech using other funds, the paper is not eligible for this support.
    2. Applications for (1) Support for Manuscript Editing Costs can be submitted prior to an order, once an estimate has been issued. For purposes of budget management, please include any such estimates when submitting the application.
    3. The publication order date under (3) Support for Manuscript Publication Costs may refer to the date on which a publication request is made to the publisher, the date on which an invoice for publication costs is requested, or the date on which the final paper is submitted and accepted for publication. The publication of the manuscript must be inspected once it becomes available online.
    4. If applying for (3) Support for Manuscript Publication Costs to cover advance payments made by credit card, submit your application after confirming the settlement of your credit card bill for the respective month (web confirmation is acceptable).
    5. If paying with a credit card, be sure the payment date falls within the 2016 fiscal year and that adequate time is left for processing of the reimbursement within the 2016 fiscal year.

    Application Procedures

    Carefully review the program's objectives and purposes, and then complete the attached application form and submit it by email together with soft copies of documentation showing costs (invoice, etc.), the purchase order form, and the stamped inspection document. If the application is being submitted prior to placing the order, the purchase order form and stamped inspection document are not required.
    Once received, the application will be reviewed by the Center to determine if it is eligible for support. During the review process, the paper abstract and related information will be treated as confidential material. When items are selected for (1) Support for manuscript Editing Costs, all applicants must submit the delivered manuscript (full copy with tracked editing).

    Notification of results and submission of payment forms

    Once the review is complete, all applicants will be contacted with the result. As outlined in the attachment, those selected for support should promptly submit payment-related forms (one set each) to the Research Planning Group in the Research Planning Division (Mailbox: E3-10). Please be sure that forms are properly inspected.

    Application Deadline

    Support will be provided in the order the applications are approved.
    Due to accounting reasons, applications for current fiscal-year payments will have a deadline of early February 2017 (tentative).



    Application-related inquiries

    Research Administration Center

    Payment-related inquiries

    Research Promotion Department, Research Planning Division, Research Planning Group

    * Please change the [at] within the email address to @ before sending.